Media Two began back in 1998 primarily as a financial media buying agency.  Our Founder, Michael Hubbard, was a sales rep for Investor’s Business Daily and many of his clients were coming to him asking about more ways to generate leads.  After a couple of years of the same question, he left to start Media Two with a couple of clients in hand that needed to generate leads online.   Working with one IB then turned into working with larger FCMs, which turned into working with full exchanges launching electronic products, to trading softwares, insurance companies, accountants and a whole lot more!   We were seen as a financial advertising agency for a long time even though we truly are a media buying agency for all industries – the financial industry is just one where we have strong roots.

Below is a recent case study for a client that began with us in search and digital media buying, but found that our programmatic TV media buying worked to expand their reach and maximize their spend.


Many financial firms don’t allow us to showcase their work, but here’s some logos from some of the financial media buys we’ve executed:

Experience Matters

  • 1999

    1st agency to beta
    test Google AdWords

  • 2004

    CBOT Metals
    Complex Launch

  • 2006

    Published Correlation
    Study of Search/Display

  • 2008

    Award-winning Office
    for Mac Campaign

  • 2012

    Named a Forbes Top
    100 Global Agency

  • 2015

    Google VIP status &
    DMP beta tester

  • 2016

    IAB Digital Media Buyer/Planner
    Global Certification Committee