Search is the epicenter of all marketing efforts, and working with an experienced search engine marketing (SEM) agency who knows Google (AdWords), Yahoo/Bing (Microsoft AdCenter), Yandex and Baidu search engines gives brands a marketing advantage.

We don’t just take credit for the search conversions, we help our clients to understand how the marketing and media mix drove those conversions, and then we optimize the campaign structure, ad groups, keywords, bids, targeting and ad copy to maximize performance. We also use paid search advertising to support and optimize SEO (organic or natural search) efforts, and vice versa.

“In the last 4 years we have used 2 other “Search Marketing” companies. The results were disappointing to dismal. Since working with Media Two, we have seen growth and revenue directly related to their efforts. (Consequently) Our franchise owners actually decided to increase their budget this year and direct all funds to Search Marketing efforts. We are thrilled to have Media Two helping us advance…”

– Heidi Morrissey, CFE/VP Marketing & Sales, Kitchen Tune Up

In order to fully understand a marketing mix, you must understand how a brand reacts to search marketing – both paid and organic. It is the last touch-point for so many conversions, yet it is influenced by so many offline events. Media Two ran the first ever ad campaign on Google (now called AdWords), and continues to align analytical data with both online and offline events to determine the optimal marketing mix for our clients. Once search marketing efforts are maximized, it’s important to dig deeper into the marketing mix to see how much higher the bar can be set for search campaigns. Display media is a great place to start and our digital media planning and buying section speaks to this.

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Search Engine Marketing Case Studies:

The following are studies we’ve run across over the years that address frequently asked questions from clients that will give some insight into our search engine marketing (SEO and PPC) expertise:


Should you bid on your own Brand?
Does AdWords effect your SEO?
How important is your Search Campaign Structure?
Cause and Effect of Display on Search
Should we use Landing Pages with PPC?


A series of firsts:
Began in the days of Overture
Beta-tested AOL search
Beta-tested MSN search
Beta-tested Google advertising (prior to AdWords)
Released Search/Display correlation study in 2007
Have managed monthly search campaigns ranging from $500 per month to $800,000 per month.


Industry affiliations:
Served on the IAB Search Marketing Committee
SEMPO Circle member
SEMPO Research Committee member (coordinated study on effects of display and search)
Former TIMA President and Executive Board members
Internet OldTimers Association member

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