Optimize Shmoptimize

“We are making optimizations” You may hear your agency or sales rep say these words and you don’t think twice about what that actually means. You trust these words like it’s some kind of Wizard of Oz, man behind the curtain, deal. So what does the word “optimize” really exemplify in the context of digital Read More

How Important Is Agency Culture?

If you have ever worked for an agency or with an agency, the word ‘culture’ has sure been tossed around a time or two. The two words seem to go hand in hand. Advertising agencies have had an offbeat culture since the 1960’s largely fueled by the Creative Revolution, compared to the rest of Corporate Read More

Native. Undefined.

Native was once considered a standalone tactic used in reaching our audience – in a non-intrusive and relevant environment. Now we find ourselves increasingly identifying more tactics as ‘native’ when developing media strategies as the lines continue to blur with publishers, mobile platforms, video networks, commerce sites and social networks all offering some form of Read More