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RampUp San Francisco 2020: Here’s Our Takeaways

Despite the growing fear of the coronavirus in recent weeks, we decided to pack our hand sanitizer and attend LiveRamp’s RampUp Summit in San Francisco. We found that the RampUp conference brings together real marketing technology thought leadership from brands, agencies, publishers and technology partners on topics that matter. Most of this year’s conversations centered …

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Finding Success with Instagram Stories

Social media is continuing to take over the advertising industry by storm – and we as advertisers and agencies are loving it as we continue to find new ways to reach and engage with consumers! With constant updates, from new features to new ad formats, advertisers must embrace the test-and-learn mentality to determine the best …

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Understanding the Customer Journey

If you haven’t noticed yet, we love attribution. And by attribution, I mean a real multi-touch attribution platform that allows you to connect all channels of your marketing efforts. Check out our Attribution 101 post for additional explanations. Recently, someone told me that they didn’t believe multi-touch attribution has proven successful for the retail vertical. …

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5 Ways Your Agency is Failing You

You may have noticed already but many advertising agencies are failing their clients – failing to adequately prepare CMOs for the board room by failing to tell the story of what their marketing is actually doing to sell products and services. Agencies live in the data. Or at least they should, and there’s no key …

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The Secret To Paid Search #TBT

#TBT – Throwback to eight years ago – check out this article on iMedia Connection that was written by Media Two CEO, Michael Hubbard, about how we approach paid search! Media Two has been shaping the digital advertising landscape for almost 20 years by defining and adapting the way we approach media buying. Part of the reason …

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Ad Targeting Perfection

Let’s face it, most companies have some idea of the audience they are trying to reach with their advertising message. The real question is how can they ensure that they are reaching and engaging with that audience efficiently and effectively? What if we told you that we could accurately serve an ad to a target …

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What’s the Deal With Outstream Video?

Outstream video, in-content video, native video.. different names describing the same thing! Let’s call it outstream video for today. Outstream is a video format that is embedded within content rather than instream formats such as pre-roll.. meaning that a user does not need to be watching video content in order to view the ad. The …

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Navigating the Data Landscape

Data Management Platforms (DMPs)? Digital Marketing Hubs (DMHs)? Where do all of these technology companies fit in the programmatic ecosystem? We recently attended AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O in New York and met with other top agencies, brands and technology providers. In today’s programmatic advertising landscape, it is more important than ever to leverage quality data alongside …

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