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Every travel destination has a unique story to tell.  Media Two specializes in making sure that your story is told to the right audience, at the right time and for the most effective price.  Working within the tourism industry, specifically with CVB’s and TDA’s – it’s our job to make the complex media industry appear simple, and to do more for you with less.  Gone are the days where you could place a couple print ads in meeting planner magazines, or attract tourists via a billboard or radio spot only.  Media Two delivers your ideal visitor via social media, search engine advertising, mobile and app advertising, TV, banner advertising and any other medium imaginable.

We will help you to map out what KPI’s are most important to you, and we will turn your current media plan into a successful storyteller in days, that will have you adding room nights and filling conference rooms utilizing your existing creative messaging.  Too good to be true?  Within 21 days of working with a North Carolina TDA, we were able to accomplish the following:

Increase Reach by negotiating 22.4% better rates.

Improve audience targeting, that improved engagement by 30.9%.

The combination of the two allowed us to drive 22% more interactions with 27.7% less spend.

Do more with less.  Reach out to Media Two today to get a free audit of your current media, along with a guarantee of how much we’ll be able to improve you within 30 days!


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Experience Matters

First agency to beta test Google AdWords
CBOT Metals Complex Launch
Published Correlation Study of Search/Display
Award-winning Office for Mac Campaign
Named a Forbes Top 100 Global Agency
Google VIP status & DMP beta tester
IAB Digital Media Buyer/Planner Global Certification Committee
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