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Media planning and buying in the telecom industry has changed drastically, and in the blink of an eye!  Companies that once were phone service providers are now triple play providers, mobile companies are now partnered with video, and the list goes on.  What’s worse is that the industry as a whole still has a stigma about the customer service that is being provided.  If the customer’s Wi-Fi router is down, it’s somehow the provider’s fault.  If their computer has a virus, it’s the provider’s fault.  If the customer has their cell service dropped on a call, it is – you guessed it – the provider’s fault.  Never mind when your competitor’s third-party contractor accidentally cuts everyone’s fiber lines, it’s the provider’s fault!

So how does a company in a fast-paced industry such as telecommunications keep up with its media buying needs?  By working with a media buying shop like Media Two that stays on top of programmatic media, search marketing, display media and more.   You need to understand your audience profiles and be able to efficiently target them.  You need to be nimble and negotiate, and you need creative input from your black and white results.


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Experience Matters

First agency to beta test Google AdWords
CBOT Metals Complex Launch
Published Correlation Study of Search/Display
Award-winning Office for Mac Campaign
Named a Forbes Top 100 Global Agency
Google VIP status & DMP beta tester
IAB Digital Media Buyer/Planner Global Certification Committee
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