About Us

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Media Two Interactive

We don’t call shotgun.  We drive.

We believe in not only navigating the media world, but in leading it as well.  We are a passionate, multi-talented team of advertising experts who stay nimble and true to our clients, and we understand that we can only win when our clients win.  We want to be your partner, but will continue to prove ourselves as your vendor until that day comes.

Media Buying Experience Matters

Media Two began in 1998 as a digital media buying agency, and our experiences have paved the way for not just our clients, but an industry as a whole.  From beta-testing Google’s now famous AdWords program to programmatic buying in the RTB world, Media Two has been at the forefront of the digital media evolution ensuring that our clients can focus on results rather than testing.  We’ve been around long enough to remember when banner ads received 50% click-through rates, and we’re experienced enough to know that CTRs are just one of many KPIs to monitor as a factor that leads to a conversion.

Every agency says their team is the best, but can they say that they’ve inspired an industry?  Ours can.  Our CEO beta-tested Google AdWords, our Creative Director led the IAB team that set modern day ad standards and our Media Director launched the first study on the positive correlation between search and display media (and later helped SEMPO repeat the findings).  Our ENTIRE TEAM is cross trained in media buying, search and ad operations which means you will never get our B Team as it doesn’t exist.  Our ongoing relationship with industry leaders such as Google has allowed us to continue to drive an industry through the programmatic world we are moving toward.

We don’t want to be your AOR – we want to drive your ROI. Take a look at some of the campaigns we’ve run, dig deeper into our services, or feel free to reach out to one of the members of our leadership team to see if we can be of service to you:

Experience Matters

  • 1999

    1st agency to beta
    test Google AdWords

  • 2004

    CBOT Metals
    Complex Launch

  • 2006

    Published Correlation
    Study of Search/Display

  • 2008

    Award-winning Office
    for Mac Campaign

  • 2012

    Named a Forbes Top
    100 Global Agency

  • 2015

    Google VIP status &
    DMP beta tester

  • 2016

    IAB Digital Media Buyer/Planner
    Global Certification Committee