Media Two Interactive

Our People

Michael Hubbard

Founder & CEO

Seth Hargrave

Vice President, Strategy & Operations

Heather Morrison

Financial Director

Trey Dickert

Media Director

Melissa Ilardi

Senior Digital Strategist

Charlotte Mercer

Director, Media & Strategy

Lily Johnson

Senior Media Strategist

David Shaw

Senior Media Buyer

Christina Ortiz

Media Buying Strategist

Cassie Lawlor


Kelli Hashimoto

Senior Media

Niki Bell

Media Buying Strategist


Ad Boldly.™

Media Two is an independent with the brainpower of a multinational, the acute focus of a boutique, the rational risk-taking spirit of a successful startup, and the track record of a Madison Avenue mainstay.

What does this mean?


We are bigger than the number of desks in our office. We work with global brands. We embrace new technologies. We challenge everyone in the firm to innovate. We assume success.


We’re strategy-first thinkers. We have unmatched experience for a firm our size and specialty. We don’t hesitate to say “no” or provide a “different yes.”


We build and cherish trust. We take our work seriously, but we’re fun to work with. We know our inherent, fits-just-right size—and we stay that way. We live for client successes.


We’re zealous fans of the business. We’re (constructive) critics of the industry. We’re cross-trained, well-read and determined to advance the right causes from the vanguard, not by trailing behind.

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