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Advanced Campaign Analytics

We are media buyers first and foremost, but where would we be without the data? It drives strategy, campaign structure, optimizations, ROI and ultimately the relationships we build with our clients.

While we use a host of technology to buy media, we also leverage a suite of tools to accurately analyze and report on the performance of your campaigns.

We prefer gardens without walls. As the future of data privacy continues to be written, it’s our philosophy that centralizing, deduplicating, and anonymizing data as much as possible is the only way to paint an accurate picture of media performance.

Ad Serving & Data Deduplication

An ad server is a central hub for all of your campaign operations. Ad serving isn’t limited to just display, but also includes social, paid search, CTV, OTT, digital audio, and virtually any asset that can be served or tracked digitally. We are a Google stack agency, and we rely on their marketing suite of ad technology to implement, manage, report, and optimize your campaigns.

Attribution & Mix Modeling

So which half of your advertising is working? Do you still think last click is the best method of tracking ROI? Think again. Our attribution tools leverage first-party data and an integrated stack of tracking capabilities to provide a holistic view of the conversion funnel. Models can be preset based on best practices or customized to meet your unique marketing needs. Better yet, this isn’t limited to just paid media placements. We analyze your full marketing mix.

Audience Segmentation

Do you know if you’re even targeting the right audience? Or has your audience research provided skeptical results? Audience segmentation allows our team to properly evaluate targeting performance while also expanding the reach of your campaigns to the people most likely to convert. We develope strategic data architecture to drive better media performance.

Foot Traffic Tracking & Analysis

Cart abandonment, bounce rates, and perceived loss of market share all keep the mindful CMO up at night when considering eCommerce performance. But does that really tell the whole story? We use polygonal device tracking partners to accurately tie media dollars to feet on the floor for a holistic view of the impact of digital ads have on in-store conversion data.

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Advanced Campaign Analytics

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