Media Two Interactive

We Call Raleigh Home.


Our Principles


Real ROI

You get the measurement and analytics that let you draw distinct connections between marketing investments and sales results.


Agility Redefined

There are no layers of bureaucracy; you strategize and plan directly with the professional who makes your media


Atypical Experience

We have the brainpower of a multinational, the acute focus of a boutique, the rational risk-taking spirit of a successful startup, and the track record of a Madison Avenue mainstay.

Our Story

Media Two began in 1998 as a digital media buying agency in Minneapolis, MN. Our first office space
was above an Ace Hardware store where we had a blazing fast ISDN line, and not a sole in the world
who was sure this internet thing was more than just a fad. In 1999, we ran a beta test for Google and
their soon-to-be-named Google AdWords (now just Google Ads) program for our client the Washington
Mint. After crashing their eCom server a few times shortly after campaign launch, we were pretty sure
this was all more than just a fad.

We moved the business to North Carolina in 2003, finally settling in our own building in 2017 right in the
heart of downtown Raleigh. In between those 14 years we released one of the industries first ever
search to display correlation studies (aka – attribution) in 2006, launched our programmatic media
services in 2011, lead the IAB global certification task force in 2016, rocketed a financial app to the top
10 of both Android and iOS platforms and won a whole bunch of other awards in between there. But all
along the way – our focus has never changed… We are driven to succeed for our clients, while providing
a great place for our employees to call home.

At Media Two, we focus purely on the media buying aspect of advertising. We have a data first
approach that helps guide us through audiences and inform creative, but at the end of the day, our
business has always been about the experienced people that are running the technology. We
encourage you to get to know everyone by going to,
or reach out to us on our contact page – – we’d love to show you
around the office.

Our Community

The world needs more good people.  For years, we have tried to do what is right by our clients and our employees, but we never made a big deal out of it.  It was just the right thing to do, and it shouldn’t be newsworthy.  When 2020 slapped the world in the face, it was time to start showing the world what was important to us – and that is Community.  Media Two is in the business of making our community a better one, and by making our clients and their commitments to their communities  better as we go.

When the agency world started mass layoffs, furloughs and benefit cutbacks, Media Two gave all of its employees a “strings attached” bonus.  The one condition was that with a portion of that money, they found someone in their neighborhood, their family or the general community who could use that money more than they could at that very moment, and they just gave it to them, no strings attached.  The stories that came back flowed in with tears.  Out of work hairdressers, large tips, local food shelters – you name it, the team went above and beyond in their kindness, and it set off a reminder of how important our community is to us.  We can not wait for government to fix our issues, it comes from community leaders doing the right thing.  At Media Two, we are focused on doing great work, and supporting our community as best we can.  

Some initiatives that are important to us and are driving us to be better are diversity, inclusion and the environment.  While we are a small company, we’ve begun to have large conversations about what diversity in our industry means and looks like.  We have also joined the Green Places to work by making Media Two a carbon neutral business in 2021!  You can find more information below by clicking on the images – and we hope to add more stories about changing for good in the coming weeks! 


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