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Our Media Buying Services

Our core services include media strategy, planning, buying, analysis, and optimization across all channels – including digital, search, social, and traditional.

We realize time is valuable so we don’t require playing a game of telephone. There are no layers of bureaucracy hindering the development of strategy or the execution of your media buy. You strategize and plan directly with the professionals who make your media investment – building a lasting, trusted relationship with a team of dedicated experts. Campaigns are executed with built-in flexibility so that buys can be adjusted on-the-fly, on schedule, and on budget.

We specialize in maximizing return on our clients’ media investments by providing value and transparency. We test small and fail small. If anyone else tells you they don’t fail, then they don’t test either. And when we win, we scale those opportunities for greater success.

Programmatic Media Buying

We do not outsource programmatic buying to trade desks or DSPs. Our team of buyers bid directly through our trading platforms eliminating unnecessary layers of cost. The result is more working dollars in market and experts actively managing campaigns with your objectives in mind – not their own. This saves clients an average of 25 to 40% on hidden fees and expenses.

Search Engine Marketing & Shopping

Search is the epicenter of all marketing efforts. Our experienced SEM team maximizes the power of paid search and shopping so your campaigns recognize the full potential of proper structure, bid strategies, and copy optimizations. We were the first agency to Beta test Google AdWords (now Google Ads), and we are a Google Premier Partner.

Social Media Buying

Social media helps reach people on a more personal level at scale. Whether it’s advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, or beyond – we build custom strategies to reach your audience on the best-fitting social platform. Take this one step further, and all of the walls around these data gardens get torn down through centralized reporting and conversion analysis.

Digital Direct Media Buying

Even though programmatic buying is making things faster, there is no replacement for one-to-one communication. Direct negotiation for media means larger formats, customization of placement, tailored packages for specific KPIs, and a host of other strategic benefits that can’t be replicated through a platform. Our buyers are hard negotiators who know your objectives and push the limits of added value to make the dollars go further.

Traditional Media Buying

Broadcast television, radio, print, and out-of-home all contribute to your overall brand exposure for an optimal media mix. Traditional media is not a stand-alone function of your marketing. It can be difficult to understand how the full reach and frequency of your media mix impacts the bottom line in a world that is driven by cross-device and multi-screen interactions. We handle this heavy lifting and accurately assess the influence.

Advanced Campaign Analytics

We believe in a data-first media buying approach. Whether it’s digital, social, search, traditional, or all of the above, data should always drive strategic thinking and decision-making. ROI and your most valuable KPIs guide us to the proper audiences – all while informing creative and messaging.

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