Partner boldly.

Media isn’t a “spend”, it’s an opportunity. The faster we look at it in this method, the faster we succeed, and the less likely you are to have to be dealing with an agency review in 18 months. Your renewed sense of certainty (and the peace of mind that comes with it) is the qualitative reward for our quantitative success on your behalf.

Are you a CMO?

Within 5 minutes of reviewing your existing media strategy, we can identify a 40% media savings on your media buys. Take a look at our CMO Media Buying Support page for details.

Are you an Agency?

The most valuable service you can provide your clients is a trusted resource who can plan and buy digital media for you while handling all of the ad operations, reporting, analysis and heavy lifting that goes into a digital media campaign.  Our agency partnering services are designed to do just that.

Media Two Interactive is a trusted agency partner to many.  The fact that we focus solely on the media planning and buying side of things gives you peace of mind that your client will never ask us to take on a PR strategy, design project, etc.  But more importantly, we began in the digital media world 17+ years ago!  We were the first Google AdWords beta tester and were at the forefront of the programmatic media space before sales reps started creating more RTB, DSP, DMP acronyms than you can imagine.   We are able to work with you by translating your client knowledge into a seamless media strategy that can be presented to your client in days.

The reality is, by putting us in front of your clients, we make you look good by showing them you brought in an experienced, expert team who will deliver results.


Media Planning and Media Buying Services Overview |

On the digital media front, Media Two manages all of the heavy lifting of the online media planning and media buying (whether it’s DSPs, RTBs, Facebook, search or just a plain old fashioned display buy on your local market news site), ad operations (ad serving, reporting/analysis, vendor relations, etc.), ad buying, search engine advertising, social media advertising, mobile advertising and more.

Our entire online and offline media planning and buying process is typically a 30 day, start-to-finish project with some time buffered in for Q&A – but often times moves quicker depending on the client and the industry.

Please send our CEO and Founder, Michael Hubbard an email to schedule a time to speak about our services.   He can tell you not just about the heavy lifting we provide (ad operations, vendor management, reporting/analysis) but also about how we can strategically work with you to become a white-label resource to help educate not only your clients, but your internal team members.