Analyze and Optimize boldly.

What once started off as just learning how many “hits” your website got has now evolved into full offline and online attribution modeling.   Media Two takes great pride in working with you on your KPIs and ROI metrics – and just as importantly, the most successful media plan starts with understanding what levers to pull.

At Media Two, we believe in a Data First Media Buying experience.  Whether it’s programmatic buying or direct publisher buys, the data should always lead the way to your audience.  Those KPI’s and ROI metrics will guide us down the path to the proper audiences, all the while informing creative and messaging.

There’s the old adage of “analysis paralysis” and with as much data as is available, it’s important that you work with a media buying agency that can interpret that data and turn it into actionable insights.  Being one of only a handful of agencies to be live with Google’s data management platform (DMP), we’re able to not only link site analytics data to front end media buying data, but we’re also able to match it against similar audiences which will allow you to do more than just remarket – it will allow you to expand your reach to new customers!  We work with not just Google’s DoubleClick platform, but tools like Lotame, Nielsen, Bluekai, Neustar and many more DMP’s and data providers that help us marry your 1st party data up to 3rd party audience opportunities.

What’s even better is having search as the epicenter of all marketing campaigns for the analytical power to drive more brand searches which leads to greater ROI – let’s face it, the days of the phone book are dead and we’re all “googling” what we need now.

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