Yes, a business owner or CEO of a 500 person company could indeed be the same person updating their fantasy football lineup on a Sunday morning – but how do you know if it’s the right time to message to them?  Should you only buy trade publications?  Does your audience only read trade publications?  What is your offline and online mix?  What is the best frequency at which to target a B2B media buy?

The B2B marketing space is a difficult one to conquer but with the help of our VIP partnership with Google and their data management platform (DMP), we are able to identify audiences not just by their surfing patterns, but also able to identify purchase intent which makes reaching a dynamic audience attainable. We specialize in defining strategies that efficiently and effectively reach an intended audience by leveraging a combination of technology and creative thinking.

Below is a case study where we leveraged data to isolate a specific B2B audience, along with some companies we’ve worked with over the years on their B2B media buying needs.



Experience Matters

  • 1999

    1st agency to beta
    test Google AdWords

  • 2004

    CBOT Metals
    Complex Launch

  • 2006

    Published Correlation
    Study of Search/Display

  • 2008

    Award-winning Office
    for Mac Campaign

  • 2012

    Named a Forbes Top
    100 Global Agency

  • 2015

    Google VIP status &
    DMP beta tester

  • 2016

    IAB Digital Media Buyer/Planner
    Global Certification Committee