At a data first agency, the emphasis on mobile media buying deserves its own section on our site, despite being just one of the many media buying services we offer.  While consumer’s attention is grabbed by their mobile devices, it is our job to guide their attention to your mobile app or mobile services, all the while, understanding their cross-device interactions.

The mobile industry varies from the add on subscription product services, to the free-to-download and hope we land a pod of whales making in-app purchases (while frantically trying to keep competitors off your in-app ads so you can still monetize without steering people elsewhere!).  We get it.  It’s fast-paced, and it’s important that you work with a fast-paced media agency.

Media Two offers just as wide a variety of media buying services to meet whatever need you might have.  We have campaigns that purely run on a cost per install basis.  We manage the self-serve Goliath’s of Facebook and Google’s Universal App.  But it’s how we approach the data that sets us apart.

Mobile Media Technology |

Building on your audience, and growing in a programmatically driven buying environment allows us to identify that small percentage of big spenders, and match their profiles to look-alike profiles to target and expand your reach.  We can remarket with relevant messaging that speaks to your users, or build out full on retention programs where the focus is growing your DAU and MAU numbers all the while comparing your ARPU vs ARPPU.  We can work with your own DMP, or one of our DMP partners to make all of this data actionable – so it’s no longer informing just the marketing decisions, but the business decisions as well.  And of course, we partner with some of the largest and best mobile attribution companies out there like AppsFlyer that perform seamless reporting.