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By 2020, it’s estimated that the data universe is expected to reach 44 zettabytes. I google’d that too – it’s 1,000 bytes to the 7 th power! With all of that data available to you, surely you have a better strategy in place than just remarketing? 

At Media Two, we believe in analyzing all of the data that’s available to us, and making the advertising experience better for our clients, and their clients as well. With billions of data sets being processed right here in our offices, we are able to build a media strategy that effectively speaks to your desired audience in less time, with less money spent. 

So how exactly does a Data First Agency work? In order to provide you with a direct path to communicate one-to-one with your potential customers, and doing so at scale, Media Two works to combine your first-party data with your third-party data. Matching it against the thousands of audience profiles in Media Two’s Data Management Platform (DMP) that then allows the data to inform our media buying decisions. More focus can now be put on the strategic and creative approach to your marketing efforts, rather than guessing where your audience might be. 

Here’s an example of how that might work. In the past, if a client came to your site and wanted to buy a pair of blue shoes, you would then remarket to them repeatedly until you either won or lost that sale. In a new “data first” world, we will analyze the audience to determine when that person might be needing new shoes, and prior to them searching out shoes, we will offer them up a coupon or other valuable offer prior to their needs. In this case, you’ve eliminated the creepy tracking – and offered value in advance if the consumer wants it. Everyone wins in this situation. 

If this type of scenario interests you, check out how our data-first approach can cut 40% off your front end media buying costs by clicking here!

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