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CASE STUDY: Implementing Dynamic Search For e-Commerce Success

Efficient use of Dynamic Search Campaigns to Drive Transaction Volume





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Search engine marketing (SEM) is critical to driving revenue for e-commerce businesses. An increased amount of shopping happens online and with this, competition has also increased exponentially. To stand out against competitors it is exceedingly important to capitalize on users seeking your products with a prominent presence in search engine results. Efficiency is equally important. When GroopDealz reached out to Media Two, we were confident that we could execute an efficient, revenue-focused
campaign by maximizing the effectiveness of their search presence.

GroopDealz is an e-commerce business that offers products ranging from clothing to jewelry to home décor. Many of the products are time sensitive in the form of daily deals, and the product assortment changes frequently. Due to the vast number of product types and the possibility that they could sell out at any moment, the ads needed to be relevant and timely. Manually changing ad copy on the fly is cumbersome and would risk a high margin for error. We needed to find an efficient way to manage keyword lists and ad copy variations, all while increasing transaction volume.

We recommended running a dynamic search campaign to automatically generate ads by using content from the GroopDealz
website. Campaigns are generated by using Google’s page crawlers to dynamically trigger ads with the most relevant products based on search queries.

The first step was to define key performance indicators (KPIs) for each product type. Given the e-commerce nature of the campaign, we were easily able to track purchases attributed to the advertising tactics. We used a cost-per-transaction (CPT) model to define our KPIs. From there, the dynamic search campaign structures were organized based on Media Two’s best practices. Product categories were segmented based on the site’s product verticals. This gave us the ability to optimize the campaigns based on specific CPT goals for different product types.

We developed an optimization strategy based on customer lag time to purchase, negative keyword lists and ad copy rotation. This helped to maintain campaign relevancy and continually improve the overall CPT.

Over the course of the campaign, Media Two demonstrated the impact of an effective and efficient digital marketing campaign on the GroopDealz business. The implementation of dynamic search ads led to significant improvements in both front- and back-end performance. The cost-per-click and cost-per-transaction decreased by 68% for non-branded search. The campaign tactics were not only engaging customers and driving traffic to the site efficiently, but also driving the customers most qualified to make a purchase.

In combination with a targeted display campaign, GroopDealz saw a 120% increase in their return on ad spend over a five month period.

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