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Request a paid search audit.*

Let us show you the true potential of your campaigns with this custom report. We will highlight where you're missing opportunities for better (or, as we say, bolder) performance, more efficient spend, and higher returns.

After years of tackling account issues during agency transitions, our paid search team has developed a comprehensive search audit designed to analyze your current Google Ads account and give a snapshot of its true potential.

Our comprehensive audit involves a review of campaign settings and structure, and identifies opportunities for improvement, growth, and testing. We will outline recommendations on how to improve performance and eliminate wasted spend.

This audit is designed to find major indicators of untapped potential in paid search campaigns, but it is only a small piece of the overall optimizations we typically implement. 

If you’re curious how your current Google Ads account structure measures up, let us show you how far you could push your media investment.

*Audits require view access for Media Two’s MCC.

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