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"By doing digital right, we give clients the confidence to know that their media buys aren’t merely “spends,” but rather measurable investments."

At Media Two, there are no layers of bureaucracy to executing your media buy; you strategize and plan directly with the professionals who make your media investment.  Campaigns are executed with built-in flexibility so that buys can be adjusted on-point, on-the-fly and on-schedule.  Time is of the essence, so we don’t require you play a game of telephone, rather you speak directly with the source.    

Today’s CMO’s too often find themselves in the unenviable role of Chief Mayhem Officers.  The executives who CMO’s report to have high expectations for demonstrating an unambiguous connection between “marketing investment” and “sales yield” — with draconian results for the failure to establish that connection.  In that context, as ambiguous and erratic as it is, “let’s just buy more digital!” can become a convenient rallying cry.  Yet successful digital media has never been that easy; it requires just as much– if not more–analysis, strategy and nimble execution as any other marketing discipline.

And that’s right where Media Two comes in. By doing digital right, we give clients the confidence to know that their media buys aren’t merely “spends,” but rather measurable investments. And that true partnership, not one-upmanship, will be the basis of every collaboration.

By relying on our on our rich, battle-tested experience and our acute interest in emerging technologies, we help our clients meet their most pressing mandate: to do more with less, do it faster, and prove that it worked.  And we do it an environment we’ve created that lets us leverage our two great joys–geeking out on data and setting an ever-higher bar for client responsiveness.  Our philosophy is “test fast, fail small.”  Our passion is “win fast, win big.”  The end result? Clients that can stand firm–and even take smart risks–in the face of persistent uncertainty, executive pressure and breakneck industry change.

What % Media Buyer is Your Agency?

Do you remember as a kid when HiC Fruit Punch first put on their label “Contains 10% Fruit Juice.”  Your reaction was “Holy #@##! What is in the other guys?”  In a recent LinkedIn study, we looked at the profiles of 53,817 employee titles for the 20 largest media agencies, and we found that less than 10% of them had “media buyer” or “media buying” in their current, or even their preceding job titles!  Media Two is made up of 100% Media Buyers – just ask R. Lee Ermey (aka “Gunny”) about what a difference that made during our time together on the Glock account.

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