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Privacy Policy

Ultimately, we do not collect any first party data – so what you do outside the computer is still safe with us… for now.  We utilize a number of 3rd party cookie systems, like Google Analytics for example, to track your web surfing patterns and habits.  As many cookie trails as we can track and follow of yours – we do!  We then work with Data Management Providers such as Nielsen and Blue Kai and we try and match up your surfing habits to others on the web.  We figure if you’re that interested in our website, other people with similar patterns might be interested in our services as well.   We use things like Demand Side Platforms (DSP’s) to buy available inventory on the web in an effort to target these like surfing patterns.   Mobile providers do a good job of matching up IP addresses and making assumptions about surfing habits so that we can target you across devices, and sometimes through warranty cards or other offline messages, we can even match you up that way.  Remember, we don’t know your name, we’re not spying on you, we’re not judging you on the content you view – what we are trying to do is put a relevant ad in front of a relevant audience.  If ads were geared more towards things you liked as opposed to didn’t like, then you’d have a much better surfing experience, and our clients will have a much better return on their ad spend, therefore, not having to blanket the web with a message that isn’t relevant to all.  So no – we are not tracking you, but yes, we are tracking your browsing habits as best we can in an effort to find more people like you.

Google would also like you to know that you can install an app that will block our Google Analytics from tracking you – simply go to .  Likewise, if you ever see one of our ads while you’re surfing, take notice of the “Ad Choices” icon in the upper right hand corner.  Simply click on that icon, and block our domain – and you’ll never hear from us again.   Unless this is you again Dad, then don’t worry – I’ll still call.

For all other concerns about how we handle privacy requests, please feel free to email our CEO directly at [email protected].  We do respect your privacy and are happy to try and accommodate you in any way we can.  To learn how Google uses your data, you may click here to be redirected to their policies.

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