Industry Experience

People are always curious about what categories we specialize in, and hoping that we don’t currently work with their competitor.  As we specialize in media buying, our clients tend to be Fortune 1000 companies, but because we partner with so many agencies to execute their digital buying, we are extremely well rounded with our media experience.   Below are a few categories to give you some samples and case studies from to give you a little better idea of our expertise:

service-icon-enthusiasts Enthusiasts:  Are your clients passionate about your products or services?  Great – this is our favorite type of client to work with!  Learn More.

service-icon-tech Technology:  Gadgets, computers, numbers nerds…  We love them all – learn more more about what we were able to accomplish for Microsoft in our 8 years working with them.

service-icon-retail Retail:  Do you have a product that you can track, or know what you need your Ad to Sales ratios to be?  The more ROI driven the better – take a look at what we’ve done for others here.

service-icon-telecomunications Telecommunications:  Media planning and buying in the telecom industry has changed drastically, and in the blink of an eye!  Companies that once were phone service providers are now triple play providers and so much more.  Learn how Media Two helps the telecom industry buy media.

service-icon-financial Financial:  Media Two cut our teeth in the financial industry helping banks, brokerages, exchanges, insurance agencies and more generate leads and launch products.  Take a look at a case study and see some past client examples here.

service-icon-b2b B to B:  How do you reach an audience that wears one hat from 9 to 5 and another one after hours, and sometimes wears both hats at once?   If we told you that in one sentence, you’d never click here.

Experience Matters

  • 1999

    1st agency to beta
    test Google AdWords

  • 2004

    CBOT Metals
    Complex Launch

  • 2006

    Published Correlation
    Study of Search/Display

  • 2008

    Award-winning Office
    for Mac Campaign

  • 2012

    Named a Forbes Top
    100 Global Agency

  • 2015

    Google VIP status &
    DMP beta tester

  • 2016

    IAB Digital Media Buyer/Planner
    Global Certification Committee