Media Insights

Dear Google, No YOU’RE Stupid!

We have all come across that person who is very knowledgeable in a particular topic. Whether it be nuclear science, or simply being able to recite the past NCAA basketball champions (along with their MVP’s) for the past 40 years. Whatever the topic of brilliance it may be, that person wants you to be sure Read More

How Important Is Agency Culture?

If you have ever worked for an agency or with an agency, the word ‘culture’ has sure been tossed around a time or two. The two words seem to go hand in hand. Advertising agencies have had an offbeat culture since the 1960’s largely fueled by the Creative Revolution, compared to the rest of Corporate Read More

Programmatic TV: The Good, The Bad, The Fuzzy – Part 2

If you read Part 1 of this programmatic TV series, you probably already understand that programmatic TV offers many benefits such as lower costs, the ability to integrate third party data for more granular targeting and a more automated media process. You might already be considering it as a saving grace for your TV buys. Read More