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Month: June 2017

Understanding the Customer Journey

If you haven’t noticed yet, we love attribution. And by attribution, I mean a real multi-touch attribution platform that allows you to connect all channels of your marketing efforts. Check out our Attribution 101 post for additional explanations. Recently, someone told me that they didn’t believe multi-touch attribution has proven successful for the retail vertical. …

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Voice Activated Search

As technology progresses and everything is literally on demand, it’s a good time for us to take a look at both our organic and paid search campaigns to ensure that our campaign structures are updated and we aren’t missing opportunities. For the most part, we aren’t talking about major algorithm changes by Google, but we …

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X Marks the Spot

Did you ever have a treasure map when you were a kid? Maybe one with the footprints to denote the correct path to follow and clues to be deciphered along the way. Perhaps your mom buried chocolate coins in a box, and made a map with clues about its location that provided hours of adventure …

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Here’s What’s Wrong with Google Attribution

A few weeks ago at Google Marketing Next, Google Attribution was released. Search strategists rejoiced, brands got all teary-eyed and marketing managers popped champagne bottles. Their attribution prayers have finally been answered. On the other hand, in our office eyes rolled, laughs were stifled and chairs emptied with the announcement. Yes, the integration between DoubleClick …

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