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Month: March 2017

Me and My (Digital) Shadow

You know that shirt that has been following you around on the internet for the past week? That way-different-but-kinda-cool shirt that you impulsively put in your shopping cart, but never quite got up the nerve to actually purchase? It seems to have a life of its own now and tails you like an orphan-puppy begging …

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Media Madness

With the first weekend of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in the books, you may be ready to burn your bracket or are enjoying your bragging rights – at least until next weekend. March Madness makes for a lot of fun around the water cooler and the best part is that you don’t have to …

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Native. Undefined.

Native was once considered a standalone tactic used in reaching our audience – in a non-intrusive and relevant environment. Now we find ourselves increasingly identifying more tactics as ‘native’ when developing media strategies as the lines continue to blur with publishers, mobile platforms, video networks, commerce sites and social networks all offering some form of …

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Programmatic TV: The Good, The Bad, The Fuzzy – Part 1

In order to truly dive into the programmatic TV space, let us first separate it into the way we see it: the good, the bad and the fuzzy. This first blog post will tackle the good, everything that we have come to love in buying TV programmatically. TV upfronts are a 50 year old tradition …

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