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Month: August 2017

Know Your Damn Role

If I had a nickel for every time a media partner wanted to discuss how great their CPA was, or how wonderful a campaign was performing because of their CTR, I would probably be writing this from my private island in the Caribbean. To all of the publishers, networks, websites and other media sources out …

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Digital Media Viewability

Digital media viewability was defined by the IAB was a bad thing or a good thing.  At the time, nobody had any clue – yet 3 years later, ad viewability is still up for debate and the trades have it “breaking news” anytime someone demands more. Obviously, over the years the accountability of traditional media …

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No, I’m not talking about a steamy love scene on some soap opera that pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable imagery on prime time TV.  I’m talking about the passion you bring to your job, to your life…. what you are passionate about.   Let’s start with defining passion. There are a lot of variations, …

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