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Month: April 2017

Five Things You Need to Know About Attribution

Attribution modeling. Anyone who’s had a professional conversation with me in the last four years has probably heard me harp on the subject. For those who are unfamiliar, the concept of attribution modeling is actually pretty simple. First, take every single data source you can think of from your marketing mix and centralize it. Second, track conversions against …

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5 Ways Your Agency is Failing You

You may have noticed already but many advertising agencies are failing their clients – failing to adequately prepare CMOs for the board room by failing to tell the story of what their marketing is actually doing to sell products and services. Agencies live in the data. Or at least they should, and there’s no key …

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Outsourcing Your Media Buying

Imagine if all of your strategies, ideas and thoughts were able to be vetted and acted upon. Better yet, imagine the sense of accomplishment you’d have from taking an idea from your head all the way to production. Part of your role as a marketer is to lead the strategic vision of your company, yet …

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You Get What You Pay For

Have you ever stayed in one of those low budget hotels in an effort to spend as little money as you can? I think it’s safe to assume that we all have, at one time or another, and for one reason or another. They are usually highly accessible, provide bare bones amenities, and typically have …

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