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Tech Stack Redundancy and Why It’s Actually a Good Thing

I get the question all the time. “Aren’t we just bidding against ourselves?” Redundancy across technology and media platforms used by agencies or brands is generally considered inefficient and costly. However, there are several reasons to consider why redundant capabilities are beneficial and even necessary. Demand-side Platforms (DSPs) along with ad servers can be employed together to create a unified view of performance across many channels, enabling better decisions on budget allocations.

By installing multiple conversion tracking solutions and leveraging multiple DSPs, brands can gain greater insight into their audiences, allowing them to optimize campaigns for higher ROI. Here are four reasons why we think redundancy within a tech stack is actually beneficial:

1) Ensure Accurate Data

Although it may seem like tracking the same thing twice is inefficient, it actually means that spotting inconsistencies in the data becomes easier. By comparing the outputs from the different tracking solutions, brands can identify any discrepancies and take preventive measures to ensure that all data is accurate.

2) Eliminate Downtime

Redundant capabilities also provide an additional layer of protection against downtime. Downtime is incredibly costly. Systems fail, and when they do, you need a back-up. Redundancy – especially with DSPs – helps protect against downtime, giving brands peace of mind knowing that if one system fails, another will be up and running.

3) Get the Best Deal

Insights into cost across technology means you’re also in a position to get the best deal when it’s time to negotiate rates. Having multiple DSPs allows you to compare performance and costs, enabling you to choose the most cost-effective option.

4) Create Better Testing Strategies

Finally, redundancy adds flexibility to a brand’s digital marketing strategy. Multiple platforms allow for more experimentation with tactics and strategies to find the right approach for each unique campaign. It also allows teams to take advantage of a broader spectrum of new capabilities as needs expand.

In sum, while it’s generally a good thing to eliminate redundancy, when it comes to real-time-bidding and the DSP landscape, keeping your options open is a far better position to be in than stuck with a one-hit-wonder.

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