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When most people think of the fourth quarter, their minds either wander to buzzer-beating jump shots, game-winning offensive drives, or the insanity that comes with the holiday shopping season. While sports or the holidays would be perfectly normal word associations, there’s a third topic that should also be top of mind: ‘Giving Season’.

As we jump headfirst into the fourth quarter of 2022 this week, we are incredibly excited to announce that Media Two has partnered with to launch their upcoming sponsorship campaigns. This amazing nonprofit provides financial and social support to people living in poverty with a focus on helping them break the cycle and achieve self-sufficiency.

Driven by the pandemic, poor healthcare systems, ongoing climate change, substandard infrastructure, a lack of clean water, and limited access to education, global poverty has been exacerbated at a rate we’ve never seen before.

What makes Unbound so special is that they don’t just provide one-time assistance. They walk alongside their beneficiaries, providing continuous support and guidance as they work to better their lives for the long run. Local staff members work with sponsored families to achieve their goals by supporting things like nutrition, healthcare, skills training, improved living conditions, and even seed capital for starting small businesses or farms. This approach has been proven to be effective, which is why we’re so excited to be working with their dedicated team.

As a way to further show our appreciation and support, Media Two has committed to providing a one-to-one sponsorship match for every single employee over the next year―partnering each member of our team with a child and family in need. We can’t wait to get this initiative started, and this holiday season, we encourage you to think about giving differently too. Consider making a donation to Your contribution will go towards supporting someone in need and helping them achieve their dreams.

On behalf of our team to yours, Happy Giving Season!

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