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We’re Officially Carbon Neutral!!!

In 2021 we announced our partnership with Green Places to Work. It’s been just over a year since we committed to calculating, reducing, and offsetting our carbon footprint, and we’re excited to report that we are officially carbon neutral! 

We’ve managed to offset 221 metric tons of carbon – or the equivalent of taking 48 cars off the road permanently. Better yet, it’s the little things we’ve learned that have added up to big and lasting impacts through simply changing habits. That Keurig in the kitchen? Yep, it’s unplugged. Do we need 20 bottles of water in the fridge when we have a filtration system? Nope. What about that battery backup on a docking station that’s not in use? Get it outta here!

As a hybrid work environment, we already knew we were pretty environmentally friendly, but it is eye-opening to see the ways we can be kinder to the earth. And it’s not just about being “green” for the environment’s sake – it feels good to know we’re making a difference.

We’ll continue to learn and make changes as we go, but for now we want to give a big shout-out and thank you to everyone who has helped us achieve this along with a special thank you to Green Places to Work! We couldn’t have done it without you!

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