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The Morning Paper

I still remember my parents getting the morning paper and looking forward to that tangible source of information about what was going on in the world.  It was a gateway beyond our little bubble of seclusion.  Men would meet at the local coffee shop, simply to discuss the morning’s paper and the political ramifications it might hold.  There was and still is something nostalgic about receiving the treasured roll in our mailbox, often in a special one “set-a-side” for that specific use.  My mother still has one and receives the daily edition of the local paper.  When I’m there, I’ll glance through the headlines, although now it’s more in an effort to catch up on what old high school friends and acquaintances are doing.  I don’t rely on it anymore for current local or worldly news.  I use my smartphone. Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe there is still a place for the tangible feel of paper over digital.  Many of my friends have Nooks or Kindles and we all agree that sometimes we just like the feel of turning the paper pages of a good book.  In the newspaper, we each have or had our favorite sections and/or pages we would flip to – weather forecast, headlines, horoscope, social affairs, stock prices and always, the ads.  I still know folks that buy the Sunday paper solely for the ads and coupons.  I hate to bust your routine or tradition, but in case you haven’t heard, there is an app for that.  As a matter of fact, you can get pretty much anything you get in the paper on your phone. I’m not looking to sour your opinion of newspapers and print, but rather to pose the question – do you know who your ads are NOT reaching right now? If you are one that is still advertising in newspapers and print in general, you might do well to talk to your agency and see if it’s still the best strategy for your brand.  Have you reviewed your marketing strategy with your agency lately?  Is it efficient and effective, or is it nostalgic?  It should be reviewed and discussed often, not on a 52-week set it and forget it schedule.  There are some very good reasons to include newspaper and other print in your plan, based on your target audience, but as the world and technology are changing, you should be adjusting to reach your audience.  One recent article in eMarketer notes that by the end of 2017, 84.1% of the US population will go online regularly, with a noticeable shift toward mobile devices.   Further, it’s estimated that by 2021, 18.3% of internet users will be accessing the internet via mobile only.  That is 53.2 million people that you might want to reach.  Digital media advertising offers a more real-time and relevant means to reaching your target audience, whether that be by desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Don’t be nostalgic with your advertising strategy.  Get rid of the newspaper box and get online with those 84.1%.  For those still relying on the morning paper, don’t fret, it is still very effective in training a new puppy 😊  

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