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No, I’m not talking about a steamy love scene on some soap opera that pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable imagery on prime time TV.  I’m talking about the passion you bring to your job, to your life…. what you are passionate about.   Let’s start with defining passion. There are a lot of variations, but one I particularly like is “intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction”. This is what I’m referring to here. We are all passionate about something – something that inexplicably drives our interest and shapes our desire to learn certain skills or seek knowledge in specific areas.  Passion is often used interchangeably with drive, but they are very different and yet equally sought after in the workplace.  Passion pulls you to something you desire, or can’t resist, while drive is the willpower to achieve a goal whether you are passionate about it or not.  For example, drive might be why you get certified in Google AdWords as a proactive measure to add to the skillset you can offer an employer.  Passion would be wanting to go through the Google certification process to learn and be challenged, regardless of the certification as a goal. Both can be powerful attributes for you and the employer, to foster and grow when placed in the right position or department.  You may seek a job you are driven to be successful in, but without passion, will you be happy?  However, if you see a job in an area you are passionate about, the drive to succeed should come easier and with a much higher feeling of satisfaction. Are you passionate about learning? Numbers? New technologies? Are you someone who loves to be deep in analytics and to understand the results? You might be passionate about certain products which management can then use to strategically pair you with clients to create successful and mutually beneficial relationships.  You might be passionate about getting reconciliations to the penny.  Whatever your passions, determine how you can apply it in the workforce, then seek those positions that fit best if you want a career rather than just a job. Media Two is passionate about their team members and about what we collectively bring to the table for our clients.   We aren’t looking for people who are just driven, but who are driven and passionate about what they do and what they want to learn.  We want people who aren’t just looking to work, but who want to work with US.  People who share our passion for digital media.  If you are one of those people, we would love to hear from you.  Reach out to Michael Hubbard through LinkedIn.  You might want to also check out Michael Hubbard’s post for additional tips on how to get hired…. or not.

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