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Threads: What To Know About the New Social App

In a world where social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, Meta (formerly Facebook) has once again made a move that’s disrupting the social media landscape with the introduction of its new text-based app, Threads. Designed by the Instagram team to enhance our social networking experience, Threads was created to bring a “fresh perspective” to how we connect and communicate. 

The Threads app encourages users to share their thoughts and experiences through customizable text updates (a.k.a Threads). Threads posts can be up to 500 characters long and can include links, photos, and 5-minute videos. By integrating seamlessly with Instagram, users can get started on Threads simply by using their existing Instagram account to log in. With just one click, new Threads users can even transfer over Instagram accounts they follow.

And if you think the Threads app looks a lot like Twitter, well, it does. In fact, Threads has all of the basic functionalities of a Twitter feed. Notably, hashtags and trending topics are not active on Threads…yet. Meta has long been accused of copying features from other social media platforms in an effort to compete, and there’s no doubt that Meta has strategically designed and launched Threads with Twitter in mind. However, it may be Twitter itself that is the architect of its own destruction. Recently, Twitter placed a temporary limit on how much content users can view each day which may just be one of the dozens of reasons Twitter users may begin flocking to Threads. 

However, Threads is already riddled with classic Meta features that may be off-putting to some users. For example, the algorithmic feed shows posts from accounts you don’t know or follow. Despite this, Threads had already received tens of millions of sign-ups just hours after launching and has since become the fastest-growing app of all time. It’s important to note that the Threads privacy policy states that “your Threads profile can only be deleted by deleting your Instagram account.” This policy may serve as a red flag for some.

Threads represents Meta’s continued efforts to evolve and innovate in the realm of social networking. Currently, the app primarily focuses on dialogue, rather than serving as an advertising platform. However, it’s worth noting that Meta may explore potential advertising opportunities in the future given its history. Meta is also working on making Threads compatible with the open, interoperable social networks, a.k.a ActivityPub. As technology continues to evolve, it’s exciting to see how Threads and other Meta products will continue to shape the future of social networking. 

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