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Ad Targeting Perfection

Image result for stop photoLet’s face it, most companies have some idea of the audience they are trying to reach with their advertising message. The real question is how can they ensure that they are reaching and engaging with that audience efficiently and effectively? What if we told you that we could accurately serve an ad to a target user at the right moment in the right place at the right time without necessarily using any first party data or audience lists? Our agency strives to deliver the perfect ad targeting strategy for each of our clients. Here is one example of how we enhanced ad targeting for one of our clients – This client requested geo-targeting by zip code for a customer acquisition campaign because only users within the specific zip codes were eligible to buy their services. First, we excluded targeting to any existing customers in an effort to reduce wasted advertising spend. We then realized that ad exposure was being limited for potential customers who spent the majority of their day outside of their residential zip code. Our solution was to target users when they were most likely at their home in the evening and through cross-device mapping build an audience based on the associated device IDs for those households. We were then able to retarget them on their mobile devices when they were likely away from their home during the day without the geo-targeting limitations. At Media Two, we specialize in defining strategies that efficiently and effectively reach an intended audience by leveraging a combination of technology and creative thinking. In today’s digital advertising world, users are becoming increasingly aware of their online privacy, which presents new challenges to advertisers. While this may seem obvious to some, it is more important than ever for advertisers to perfect their ad targeting strategies.
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