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Finding Success with Instagram Stories

Social media is continuing to take over the advertising industry by storm – and we as advertisers and agencies are loving it as we continue to find new ways to reach and engage with consumers! With constant updates, from new features to new ad formats, advertisers must embrace the test-and-learn mentality to determine the best approaches and strategies for their brand story.

According to Instagram internal data, there are 1 billion+ accounts worldwide that are active every single month. 80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram, and 500 million+ accounts use the Instagram Stories feature every day. Of the 500 million accounts using Instagram Stories, one-third of the most viewed stories come from businesses, and one in five stories will receive a direct message from viewers.

Hopefully your first thought reading this post is that Instagram Stories Ads are not new – and you would be correct, they are not. The format has been around for a couple of years but there are still plenty of opportunities to test and learn. Instagram Stories Ads are not just your simple newsfeed ads in Facebook and Instagram. While you can repurpose the content and assets from your newsfeed ads, do not expect to see strong engagement rates when doing so. Instagram users search for in-the-moment, authentic and engaging content – content that demands immediate attention. While it may require extra effort, advertisers can and should provide the quality content users expect.

Overall Strategy

There are eight objectives to choose from depending on your overall goal. Whether you are looking to drive new followers to your website or increase online purchases, we will work with you to develop a strategy and select the best objective for your goals.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach
  • Video Views
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • App Installs
  • Messages
  • Lead Generation

Quick Tips

  • Use video assets rather than static images (with the exception of carousel ads).
  • Place your most eye-catching content in the first 3 seconds.
  • Test additional features such as CTAs, text overlays, positions, etc.
  • Test videos using sound!  60% of Instagram Stories ads are viewed with the sound on.

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