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Media Two Goes Carbon Neutral

Announcing Our Partnership With Green Places to Work

When you’re a small business, thinking about reducing your environmental impact seems more like a “big business” move.  We’re in a service-based industry that literally doesn’t print anything, and we have all but non-existent travel due to COVID-19 – so why in the world are we talking about going green and becoming a carbon neutral company?   Because we can.  Because there’s no excuse not to.  Because we met a company like Green Places to Work who made it so easy we’d be stupid not to.  But also, because we want to.

Michael Hubbard, CEO of Media Two, sees going carbon neutral as a way to inspire other companies to follow suit. “We always kind of thought, we’re a small company, so it’s not like we can save the world,” said Hubbard, “But then you start to think, small businesses make up 55% of the US GDP. All of the sudden if one person goes carbon neutral, then another will follow, and another, and another, before you know it, we are saving the world one baby step at a time.” 

This means we are committed to calculating, reducing, and offsetting part of our carbon footprint annually to ensure that our impact on the climate is neutral. We’ll be working with Green Places to build out strategies to reduce our footprint.  They’ve partnered with the University of California Berkeley’s CoolClimate project to get an assessment of our carbon footprint.  Then they helped us source high impact, and verified carbon projects to lower our impact (think planting & protecting trees, building solar panels, etc.).

Beginning with our partnership to go carbon neutral, but also from within the office on things like water filtration with reusable bottles, paperless work-flow and energy efficient lighting and appliances – we’re trying to take as many baby steps as we can so that they add up to a much bigger step going forward.

In a world where our government is divided and it often times feels like they can’t get anything done, it is important for businesses and leaders in the community to step up and do what is right.  By offsetting 221 metric tons, we are taking our first step of many to show that things like the environment matter, and it starts right here, in our very own community we love and work in.  And we’re happy to do it!

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