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Media Two is now a Premier Google Partner…but what does that even mean?

Pop the bottles, launch the fireworks and queue the slow clap. Media Two has
reached Premier Partner status for Google Ads. In the words of Dr. Jones, it
brings “fortune and glory, kid…fortune and glory”. For those that don’t know
me, insert an abundance of sarcasm while re-reading.

Premier Partner status: what does that even mean? Agencies
reach Premier Partner status when they’re in the top 3% of partners. This is measured
through a combination of client growth, client retention, running campaigns
across different formats (Search, Shopping, Video, Display, etc.) and most
importantly in Google’s eyes…annual ad spend. The more money an agency manages
in the Google Ads platform, the higher the partner status. It’s a badge that
means an agency manages multiple campaign types through Google Ads at high
spend levels.

With Premier status, there are some perks to the program:

·         Access to the most current product betas through quarterly, summarized reports. Here’s a secret: clients with high spend levels already have access to these.

·         Get the latest insights from Google each month to stay ahead of changing consumer behaviors and industry trends. Another secret: this is only high-level trends with no insight into individual clients and how it impacts their campaigns.

·         Give new clients’ advertising budgets a boost with a $500 Google Ads credit towards their campaigns. Another, another secret: it only applies to clients with brand new accounts. Pre-existing accounts don’t get the credit.

·         Access 24-hour advanced ads support to help you quickly and efficiently resolve your clients’ issues. Another, another, another secret: this only applies to Google Ads troubleshooting and doesn’t apply to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Google Merchant Center.

·         Attend invite-only industry events, such as roundtable discussions with Google leaders, sessions with other Premier Partners, and opportunities to hear from industry thought leaders. Another, another, another, another secret: these are just marketing events to keep agencies reliant on Google products instead of looking at other platforms. They help agencies drink the Kool-Aid.

You’re probably asking yourself: doesn’t this mean Premier Partners are better at managing campaigns and have more experience? That’s a negatory, good buddy! Premier Partners status is primarily dependent on how much budget is flowing through Google Ads. It doesn’t take into account the experience level or the campaigns running through other platforms. Getting Premier Partner status has no basis on performance.

At Media Two, we’re platform agnostic. We shift funds across dozens of different platforms depending on performance. We use Google Ads primarily for clients that have Search and Shopping campaigns because we see better performance through other platforms for Display and Video. Yeah, it’s cool that we have the Premier Partner status, but if we have to choose between Premier status and a client hitting their bottom-line, we going to shift funds out of Google Ads and into a platform that works for our client. Our clients are the priority at the end of the day, not a badge.

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