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Navigating the Data Landscape

Data Management Platforms (DMPs)? Digital Marketing Hubs (DMHs)? Where do all of these technology companies fit in the programmatic ecosystem? We recently attended AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O in New York and met with other top agencies, brands and technology providers. In today’s programmatic advertising landscape, it is more important than ever to leverage quality data alongside the best technology – something that we have been preaching for years! One of the biggest insights from the conference was about the increase of data sharing and consolidation among technology vendors. Digital marketing cloud companies were once thought of as tools for brand marketers rather than agencies. Today, traditional DMPs are expanding from an ad targeting role to the center of an ad tech and marketing tech convergence within larger marketing clouds – also known as DMHs. We are seeing acquisitions across the board with Adobe/Adobe Audience Manager, Oracle Marketing Cloud/BlueKai, and mostly recently Salesforce/Krux. Together, marketing clouds and DMPs can leverage more data on top of existing customer bases. While the shift challenges some agencies to adapt, it enables other agencies to manage more data and become a key decision-making partner for their clients. It was surprising to hear that many marketers are still having to challenge their agencies for transparency! Agencies are closest to the results and should be held responsible for presenting how each marketing tactic impacts the marketplace. We believe in full transparency between brands and their agencies, and put that into practice with our clients. Our agency slogan, “We Don’t Call Shotgun. We Drive.” goes to show why we have thrived in an ever-changing and complex industry across various verticals. Our continual effort to test new technology partners has ensured we reach the most qualified audiences for our clients and in turn, helped to drive strategy and performance.
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