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What’s the Deal With Outstream Video?

Outstream video, in-content video, native video.. different names describing the same thing! Let’s call it outstream video for today. Outstream is a video format that is embedded within content rather than instream formats such as pre-roll.. meaning that a user does not need to be watching video content in order to view the ad. The units are geared towards user engagement and 100% viewability, rather than forcing a user into watching an ad before reaching the content. That being said, pre-roll ads are not going anywhere and both formats will continue to play a role in the video landscape. Image result for outstream video screenshot The format is not new to the industry so why has it become a hot topic now? With the rapid growth of digital video and mobile advertising spend, premium video inventory has become increasingly limited. In this article published in June 2016, eMarketer predicts that “US digital video ad spending will see double-digit growth annually through 2020“. Outstream inventory has the potential to provide the necessary scale for growth because it creates additional placements on pages that might not have the capability to serve video ads otherwise. According to a study conducted by Teads, 7 in 10 advertisers said that outstream offered more scale programmatically and 69% said it helped to improve viewability rates. Higher viewability can then result in stronger engagement, also increasing ad and brand awareness. Our agency recently had the opportunity to work with Teads and complete their Programmatic Outstream Video Accreditation Program. The program covered everything about outstream video advertising and how outstream can best fit into the media mix for our clients. Reach out to find out if outstream video is right for you!
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